If your menus change frequently, digital signage can seem like tricky business for your foodservice operation. Using digital signage is a great way to bring your menus to life, highlight promotions, and boost sales, but it can be time consuming and tedious to continually update your signage information as your menu changes.

Here are three tips for how to manage digital signage more easily and effectively for your foodservice program:

1. Use high-quality design templates.

90% of buying decisions are influenced by visual factors, so it’s important to have well-designed signage that incorporates the same type of best practices used by leading restaurants. But, if you don’t have the time or design expertise to build beautiful digital signage templates that grab your customers’ attention, make sure that your digital signage software offers built-in professionally-designed templates. Then you can focus on adding content, not designing screens. Also, note that templates offered by some of today’s digital signage software providers are outdated — using content boxes that end up creating a cluttered, unappealing design. Make sure your digital signage software offers templates that incorporate modern design best practices that result in clear and compelling signage.

2. Think “automation.”

Use a software platform that allows you to make updates directly in your menus software and then automatically pushes the information to digital signage in multiple locations. This approach saves time and eliminates relying on employees at each of your locations to keep information updated and accurate.

3. Make sure your software vendor can handle your hardware needs.

Digital signage requires software (to create the content on your signage), hardware (TV screens), and installation (screen mounts, network hookup, etc.). If you already have screens installed, make sure your software vendor can work with your existing screens. If you do not have screens, look for a software vendor that will provide you with screens, professional installation, and ongoing maintenance and support, so you and your team don’t have to deal with this complex project on your own.

Digital signage can be well worth the investment. It helps you create a modern and visually appealing look and feel in your dining locations, present accurate nutrition information, promote special offers, promote your brand, and ultimately increase sales. With the right software platform and the right approach, your digital signage will be a snap and deliver big results.

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