Producing school menus and digital signage can eat up a lot of a food directors time. Shaving hours off of the process now can free you up to do more for your school meal program in the long run. For Dallas Independent School District (DISD), the second largest school district in Texas, the efficiency that came out of moving from a manual, time-consuming system to integrating their digital menus and signage has been a game changer.

40 Million Meals | 150k Students Across 200+ Schools | AutoUpdates on 400+ Screens

The district — which serves 40 million meals to more than 150,000 students across more than 200 schools — had traditionally uploaded each of their school menus as a PDF file on their website, then created separate image files to post their menus on digital signage in their schools. It was time-consuming, and not very efficient. On top of that, the menus and signage were often out of date because any time there were food substitutions or special menu items, the nutrition services team had to manually update and re-upload the PDF and image files.  As their school menus continued to evolve, including new offerings and more complex menu cycles to meet the needs of their student population, they knew their manual system simply couldn’t keep up.  

DISD needed a better solution.

That’s why they turned to Nutrislice digital menu software integrated with digital signage.  


With Nutrislice, DISD can now publish menus on their website and mobile app quickly and easily. Plus, menu updates automatically sync with the 400+ digital signage screens throughout the district. The result: they’re saving more than six hours each month while keeping their increasingly complex menus and signage as accurate as possible. To learn more about how integrating digital menus and digital signage saves Dallas Independent School District time and improves their school menu accuracy: Read the DISD case study 

 It’s no longer necessary to let your outdated school menus and manual signage slow you down.

As DISD’s experience shows, digital menus integrated with digital signage free up your time so you can focus more on what matters most — designing school meal programs that meet the diverse and changing needs of your school community.Smart-CTAs-10