Answer this: how well do you market your menus while keeping up with customer expectations? 

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 Not well at all

We get it – there’s a lot to keep in mind when doing foodservice marketing, like making sure your menus accurately reflect your offerings, effectively engaging customers in the experience, promoting weekly or daily specials, and more.

If you’d like to make your life easier while accomplishing all these things (and more), Nutrislice has you covered.

As a digital customer experience and dining platform, we study the food buyer’s journey within foodservice closely to build the tools you need to be creative and communicate your operation holistically at every level of the marketing funnel. We make it easy to connect and engage with your customers through all four steps: 

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: The Marketing Funnel

Here’s what Nutrislice can help you achieve as a menu marketer:

Attract new customers.

Promote your program to gain the attention of your target audience.

Arguably one of the most important goals you have as a marketer is getting more customers to dine with you. Without customers, you don’t have an operation!

Let’s say you’ve already made some renovations to your dining space, but you want a more direct way to visually communicate your offerings and catch the eyes of every passer-by. You could install digital signage and use Nutrislice’s platform to display modern menu arrangements, captivating video loops, enticing images of your food, featured daily specials, advertisements or marketing content, and more.

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Digital Signage

And make sure you meet customers where they already are: online! We also provide digital ways to market your offerings through our online menus. You can create a beautiful standalone menu site, or add a slide-out menu to your current website for convenience. Use promotional banner images and sidebar widgets to market any topic to guests as they browse your menus.  

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Slide-In Digital Menus

And that’s just the beginning. Nutrislice has plenty of other features to help you up your foodservice marketing game, including push notifications, print menu designs, promotional kits, and more.


Inform guests of your value.

Show them why they should choose you while building trust and confidence in your service and food.

Once you have customers looking your direction, it’s time to show them you match their values and offer exactly what they’re looking for. Nutrislice makes this job easy. Our solutions provide transparency and insight into your offerings you can build off of.

For starters, our digital signage can work alongside your other graphical elements to create an enticing branded experience. Screens can show information about programs you support, like sourcing local, organic produce or reducing waste through reusable supplies. Signage can also provide beautiful images and pricing of your food, centered around what your customers crave (such as comfort food vs. healthy options).

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Dynamic Digital Signage

Not only can you show customers that you have the right kind of food for them at the right price, but you can also speak to dietary and allergen restrictions with special icons. For example, if a dish has nuts and shellfish, you can select icons for both of these within the Nutrislice system and those icons will appear on every place that item appears (online menus, ordering, and digital signage). Support vegan options? Mark them! You can even get creative with custom icons to tag items for programs like farm-to-table or seasonal dishes to give them special attention.

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Dietary & Allergen Icons

Do your customers care about staying informed? Great! Let them know you can send order updates to reduce the questions they have about when their food will be ready, or give them the information they need about hour changes, supply chain substitutions, and more with sidebar widgets, banner images, push notifications, or in a dedicated news area. 


Influence buying decisions.

Increase average order sizes by effectively marketing specific items and promotions. 

Now that customers know who you are and what you have to offer, your marketing efforts should turn to increasing revenue. Convince them to not only dine with you, but to also consider making specific purchases.

Nutrislice helps sway guests’ buying decisions through our menus, ordering, and digital signage solutions. For example, our intuitive menus and ordering make it as simple and convenient as possible for guests to find the menu information they need and make an informed decision and purchase. Item names, enticing photos, and tantalizing descriptions, as well as a smooth checkout process, help increase the chances customers will purchase these items from you.

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Digital Menus

For your onsite experience, our presentation builder for digital signage lets you build custom layouts to show off featured items you want to sell more of. You can highlight combo deals to increase interest/boost orders of that offering, or prominently display à la carte options for increased upsell opportunities. Essentially, custom designs for your digital signage can influence last-minute purchasing decisions at a massive scale!

And don’t forget about all those marketing features you can use across our solutions, too! For example, use push notifications to tell guests about new seasonal items to boost sales, or add a sidebar widget image highlighting the combo deal for that week.

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Digital Menu Widgets for Marketing


Retain loyal customers.

Deliver a memorable experience and make it easy (and desirable) for customers to come back for more.

Once you have customers, you definitely don’t want them disappearing on you, not after all that hard work you did! Use Nutrislice's marketing tools and features to boost guests’ loyalty to your operation.

A good start is to make sure you provide them the personalized experiences they crave. With Nutrislice menus, you can  provide this custom experience with item customization, allergen filters, dietary preferences, dynamic nutrition labels, a robust nutrition calculator, and more, all right from within the app. 

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Menu Item Customization

Nutrislice also allows customers to create profiles to save preferences, favorite dining locations, as well as save notes for order tickets and checkout information so they don’t have to enter it with each order. This step reduces purchasing friction and provides convenience they’ll want to come back to.

Your digital signage can work for you after hours, too. You can automagically schedule your screen’s content to swap to slides about tomorrow’s menu for the last hour or so of serving customers, and you can leave it up overnight for passers-by to see.

Remind guests about your unique services and offerings on-the-go, as well! Invite guests back by sending messages with push notifications, or email your mailing list with the latest menu. Let them know they can ask about what’s for lunch with Alexa voice, or share news announcements within the News area of menus.

4 Ways Nutrislice Empowers Marketers in Foodservice: Push Notifications


Your foodservice marketing shouldn’t be on an “if we can make it work” basis with your current tech stack. With Nutrislice, it doesn’t have to be an afterthought. We have capabilities for every stage of your customer’s journey, and we make our tools so user-friendly anyone can use them no matter what skill-level. 

Because in the end, making a connection and engaging with your customer shouldn't be hard. With Nutrislice, you can not only elevate dining experiences, but also make your job just a little bit easier.

Learn more about the food buyer's journey here!