Thinking about getting digital signage for 2022? Smart move! Operators across the foodservice industry who already have signage constantly sing its praises about everything amazing it’s done for their operation’s efficiency and their customers’ experience.

But new years always bring new changes, which made us wonder: what will digital signage look like in 2022?

To get some answers, we asked some of Nutrislice’s top experts about where the digital signage market will be for foodservice teams by the end of next year. Here’s what they expect to see:

Operators will say “goodbye” to generalized signage software. 

Brian-Crapo-Digital-Signage-Future“The future of digital signage is going to look very different from what we see today. On the hardware front, we’ll see a lot of innovation in form factors — especially smaller screens that are closer to products.

Software will see an acceleration in the shift from general purpose digital signage solutions to those that are purpose-built for a given industry. All of that means less work for operators and a better experience for customers.”

- Brian Crapo, Chief Executive Officer


Touchless and mobile experiences will grow in popularity.

Don-Combee-Digital-Signage-Future“There are several things to get excited about for digital signage in 2022! For one, while touch screens were all the rage before Covid-19, touchless is set up to transform signage over the coming year. 

We’re already seeing this happen now in various foodservice and retail restaurant settings where operators simply add a QR code to their print or digital signage menus so customers can pull up the menu on their own devices without having to touch more surfaces. I believe we’ll see even more innovative digital signage solutions come out to promote touchless options in 2022.

Operators may also start to see a push towards deeper mobile integrations, which will turn customers’ interactions with their operations into highly personalized experiences. For example, some retail stores today have added proximity sensors and beacons to their screens to promote custom messages to a subset of customers based on their mobile and WiFi usage (i.e. sharing a notification about a dress sale on-screen to female customers only). 

If this seems too wild of an idea for foodservice, it’s not. Imagine being able to let your customers view a personalized menu based on their dietary needs, instead of having to scan your entire selection and picking out the food that works for them.”

- Don Combee, Senior Manager, Hardware Operations




Not all screens will be TV-sized, or placed like them.

Ron-Montrie-Digital-Signage-Future“Digital signage is no longer a cool new fad but an expectation from users across the globe. As signage continues to grow, I think we can expect to see an evolution away from the traditional TV screen and more investment into alternative screen sizes and placements

We're already seeing it with large-scale video walls and we're starting to see smaller screens come into the market. Being able to give users the information they need while also seamlessly integrating with the space around them is going to allow for some really powerful experiences.”

- Rob Montrie, Technical Product Manager


Digital signage will help operations stay resilient. 

Mike-Craig-Digital-Signage-Future“Digital signage will be in a much better place! Right now, the dual challenge of labor and product shortages are creating pain points for digital signage. It’s hard to make frequent menu updates and have those instantly reflected across all communication channels, like digital signage. It’s a pain for most and a nuisance for all. 

That’s changing. Nutrislice digital signage eliminates the tedious work required to update menus, nutrition facts, and special diet icons. 

The reason I’m optimistic is because the labor and product shortages have forced operators to find a better way – as they’ve explored options, they’re finding integrated solutions that streamline the operator experience. We’re helping lead that charge and making the lives of both operators and customers better!

The second reason digital signage will be in a wonderful place a year from now is due to evolving customer experiences. Digital signage is traditionally hanging TVs on a wall proximate to a point of service. The shape, size, and vision for digital communications are changing. Many now argue that with mobile ordering, many of your customers are walking around with a point of sale right in their pockets! It’s changing the game. Digital signage is following suit. For example:

  • Screens are coming in all different shapes and sizes. Smaller screens more proximate to the actual food are a more engaging experience.
  • Print signage, long hailed as the bane of existence for any on-site operator, is getting a digital face lift. No longer is it acceptable to print paper with information about your foods. Digital menu cards are affordable and much more sustainable. Plus, the customer experience is much improved.

Finally, the last reason digital signage will be in a wonderful place a year from now is due to operator IQ. Some lessons can only be learned through tough challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been that for foodservice operators throughout the country. 

When we reach the other side, we’ll look back and realize just how resilient we’ve become. We’ll see that our instincts, innovations, and indomitable attitudes are the secret to success in a dining operation. The challenges will have shaped our minds and processes. We’ll have learned things that will make us better foodservice operators. That will be true in all facets of a dining program, including digital signage. The bar will have forever been raised and our expectations and excellence will have been raised!”

- Michael Craig, Chief Customer Officer


Nutrislice Signage

Operators will use signage to tell stories. 

Brittany-Gurr-Digital-Signage-Future“Digital signage has historically been a retail technology that evolved to keep up with consumers. And in foodservice, both retail and noncommercial, the presence of screens has begun to explode. 

Partially because of the pandemic, but also because of an increasing expectation of transparency, it’s vital to visually engage customers onsite to help connect them to meals and present the important menu information customers want to know.

In 2022 we’ll see more operations adopt digital signage in all shapes and sizes to help tell their brand’s and their food’s stories better. More and more, we’ll see signage that showcases things like:

  • Where ingredients are sourced
  • How food items are cooked in a healthier way
  • Identifiers for organic, vegan, vegetarian, and whole foods 
  • Items with in-season, local ingredients
  • Special promotions for dine-in or pick-up orders
  • Messaging to raise awareness about safety practices and special onsite programs

Overall, the customer wants to feel good about what they’re eating and where they’re purchasing food from. Operations can use digital signage to share transparently that they’re dedicated to serving incredible meals in clean and safe environments.”

- Brittany Gurr, Product Marketing Director 


Despite current frustrations in the foodservice industry with labor and supply chain shortages, the future of digital signage looks bright. There’s plenty to look forward to in 2022, especially as you consider the value digital signage can bring to your operation not only next year, but in years to come.

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