With a proper understanding of both customer experience (CX) and operator experience (OX), we can now build upon our thesis: Maintaining a balanced focus on these two objectives is becoming an increasingly more important requirement for the success of your foodservice operation.

li 5.3We live in a world where technology advancements are changing the way we operate, especially in foodservice. Customer expectations with technology are everywhere in food. This requires operators to be nimble, quick to adapt, and ever present to changing customer needs. Never was this more imperative than before. 

But at the exact same time, foodservice operators must never forget their own operating experience with technology. Additional technologies that require additional work from your operations team is a recipe for disaster and this unbalanced effort will lead to headaches, frustration, and ultimately, bad experiences for customers and operators alike.

If you can understand the required balance between OX and CX, you are well on your way to success. There really is no right or wrong way to achieve this balance. Every foodservice operation responds differently; the most important thing is that you are focused on getting the right balance fit to your foodservice goals and environment. 

Here are some tips for creating a great balance between CX and OX:

  • Take care of and look after your team - In order to achieve a strong OX, your team must know you care about their work experience. Innovation at the expense of your team will never work. Take time to regularly check in, analyze, and seek ways to improve your team’s experience by gathering their feedback and refining workflows.
  • Be organized - You need vision and a clear path to achieving great things for your customers and operators. You need to understand the impact of each improvement, each technology, and each innovation you bring to your foodservice team. Knowing the right steps can help reduce stress for your team and create better experiences for your customers.
  • Set goals - Taking our assessment can help you understand your current situation and the immediate next steps for improvement, whether that be to fix your CX or focus on your OX. 
  • Collaborate with experts - Finding those who have deep expertise in walking your path can provide you with clarity of vision and confidence in pursuing one direction. Our good friends at Menu Analytics, for example, are great resources to help you in your OX journey!

How we help.

product arrayNutrislice is a foodservice technology company that elevates and modernizes the customer experience while making operators’ lives easier. We want to simplify how you take care of your customers so that you are excited to provide and deliver amazing customer experiences. 

When you create the appropriate customer experience (CX) with the balanced operator experience (OX), everyone wins and your operation will reach new levels of success - including financially! This path is not easy, can be complex, and filled with just enough obstacles to make the journey fulfilling and worthwhile when you’ve reached the goal. We aim to be with you at every step and arm you with the knowledge, technology and service to take on anything that comes your way!

What's next?

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