We just can’t hold in our excitement anymore!

It’s time to announce the beta launch of our newest product: Nutrislice Spotlight, a digital food label solution that brings customers a modern food-browsing experience while drastically simplifying label management.

Tell me more!

Spotlight labels are small but mighty sustainable, e-ink devices that help operators like you display accurate and real-time pricing, nutrition information, allergens, and more right at the moment of customer consideration. 

These digital food labels are mountable near serving lines, stations, shelf displays, and coolers, and the food data they display can be changed remotely at any time or conveniently scheduled in advance, saving you time, energy, resources, and maybe even some trees in the process.

As the first of its kind for the non-commercial foodservice industry, Spotlight takes a cue from the electronic shelf labels made popular in European retail and grocery stores. Now, foodservice teams in the U.S. get to experience the benefits of a modernized, more streamlined operation thanks to this nifty display technology!   


How do they work?

Operators can get up and running with Spotlight in just a few steps: 

  1. Replace traditional paper labels with Spotlight devices around your operation.
  2. Connect labels to an onsite base station via encrypted Bluetooth technology. 
  3. Sync food data and assign items to individual labels within the Nutrislice platform.

When the base station receives display updates from Nutrislice, it automagically sends them out to surrounding labels. Now, you’ll no longer need to reprint, remove, and replace potentially hundreds of static labels.

How do I get my hands on some?

We’re glad you asked! Since we’re in the beta stage of this product, we’re inviting you to become an early adopter and be among the first in foodservice to try out this new solution for your operation. 

For starters, we’re hosting a series of virtual introductions to Spotlight, which you can sign up for right here.

You can also contact your Nutrislice account manager for more information.

The future is bright with Spotlight!

Read the official press release here!