It's not every day you get invited to tour a corporate cafe. So when someone asked me to visit theirs, I of course said yes! It was a lovely facility and the people were amazing. However, as I walked through the various kitchens and cafes, it became clear the kitchen team was embarrassed to show and discuss their digital signage. 

Many of the screens were turned off entirely. Others were rotating through a poorly designed PowerPoint template. And one screen was even showing holiday events for the headquarters… but it was May and the holidays had been over for months. 

The manager was proud of the operation but readily admitted that his team members had never been able to figure out how to get their digital signage to work for them. In fact, he confessed the signage was a source of frustration and held them back from providing a great guest experience. Because of this, his team determined that leaving the screens off for many days would cause less damage than turning them on. 

Clearly, the operating team's experience trying to run their digital signage was excruciating. Each team member had other responsibilities and the digital screens were frankly a drain on time and morale. 

Here’s what they found demoralizing about the process:

Manual data entry 

For starters, the corporate kitchen team had to manually transfer menu information into the digital signage software. This task required 30 minutes each day, because the team’s sole source of nutrition truth had no easy way to get onto those screens. 

There was no simplification of menu publishing, nothing that would make the job easier like a streamlined integration. Essentially, the manual process was a huge barrier to digital signage success for this team.

Inaccurate screens and upset customers

This excellent team had unfortunately experienced a poor digital signage reaction when one of their customers complained to the higher-ups about information presented on a screen that wasn’t congruent with what was actually being served. 

This situation served as a catalyst for doubling down internal processes to ensure correct display of menus. That required even more time and less excitement for keeping those screens functioning properly.

Lack of beautification

Finally, it became apparent that this team had great vision but lacked both design and technical expertise to ensure the screens looked amazing. 

Because the software was cumbersome and difficult to adjust, it was nearly impossible to make the screens beautiful and appealing. And, as you might expect, nobody wanted to display ugly signage.

Have any of these experiences happened to you? Unfortunately, this is a story that is told far too often. And it needs to end. 

Here are a few things that your digital signage provider should always do for you:

Save you time

Automated menu cycles and advanced scheduling of presentations take the painful work out of cycle menus, limited time offers, holidays, event advertising, and more. Your life should get easier with digital signage, not more difficult!

Update every screen, instantly

A change to your menus should automagically update across all of your platforms, so you can say goodbye to manually adjusting signage across every location.

Support easy, beautiful designs

You shouldn’t have to be a professional designer to create jaw-dropping designs. You should have, at your immediate fingertips, the chance to instantly have designs and templates that you can easily implement. to ensure your customers will be hungry to try your foods!

As an operator, you experience matters! You cannot do right for your customers if you’re required to traverse a spectacle of time-consuming and impossible tasks. Digital signage should work for you, not the other way around.

Nutrislice is focused on and motivated to make your digital signage experience seamless and enjoyable. We take the pain out of the process and let you be the hero with beautiful designs that showcase the fantastic work done by your team. 

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