What does it take to grow your foodservice management company by 36% in one year, expand to a national presence, and be listed in Food Management’s 2018 Top 50? Let me tell you about Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE).


SFE is one of the fastest-growing foodservice management companies for K-12 school districts, and they’ve distinguished themselves in the market by focusing on high-quality service, innovation, and program growth.

 Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) had tried using a digital menu and signage solution in the past, but the technologies were outdated and difficult to use. They were actually holding SFE back. The team knew they needed a more effective solution if they wanted to continue to their fast growth, so they turned to Nutrislice for a digital menu, ordering, and signage solution. They also recognize that digital consumerism has reset expectations across the world, so a key approach to their service has been to provide their customers with a modern digital experience. But, that hasn’t always been easy.

Monty Staggs, SFE’s co-president, now calls Nutrislice their “secret weapon” because Nutrislice allows them to:

  • Differentiate their services from other foodservice management companies

  • Demonstrate value to their customers

  • Engage students in the foodservice program

  • Make continuous improvements by viewing analytics to see what’s working and what’s not

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